Advisory Board Crystals x NBA Denver Nuggets Hoodie



Advisory Board Crystals and the NBA have collaborated to bring this premium Denver Nuggets hoodie to life. No detail was left behind during the thought process of this hoodie. Featuring a woodgrain pattern and chain stitched back logo, you are guaranteed to have the most unique Nuggets piece in the stadium.

The Denver Nuggets version is exclusive to DVSN WEST.

The Abc. x NBA Denver Nuggets hoodie will be available Friday, November 3rd, on a first come first served basis. Any stock remaining will be available on our webstore at 12 PM MDT. 

However, if you are not able to queue in line Friday, we have a solution for you. If you stop by the store and drop off gently used footwear or clothing for distribution to our unhoused neighbors by November 18th, we will be doing a raffle to purchase your size. Raffle tickets will be haded out in exchange for donations.